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The Truck Life Podcast

The Truck Life Podcast is all about Trucks.. Duh. We are truck enthusiast and love the adventures that can be had in trucks. Trucks have shaped so much of our lives and helped us in so many ways. There are so many things we can accomplish with these amazing machines. Towing, off roading, racing, adventuring, or just going to the tailgate party. We love all aspect and want to talk about it! So join us as we bring you a new long form Podcast all about these awesome machines. 


David Boyd

Dave's background is all over the map. Since he is the old man of the show, he has the most wide array of truck history.  Dave took his first ride in a brand new 1985 Datsun truck and he was hooked. He spent time at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant assembling trucks, founded one of the largest Nissan Xterra forums in the world and then moved on to create the National Xterra Meet in 2011.  This has turned into the east coast's largest all Nissan off road event WENTwindrock.com. Dave love talking everything trucks and has spent many hours reviewing and working around top names in the industry to learn the ins and outs of the truck world. Dave is a good natured guy who embodies the Truck community. Always willing to offer help and advise, he is the heart and soul of the Truck Life PodcastI


Danny Grooters

Danny ,The Big Deal, Grooters has made his mark on the truck world in many ways. He started his love for Truck when he bought his firts truck, an 86 Ford Ranger. He is  an avid overland and off road Racer. In 2011 he created Xterraperformance.com a leading aftermarket parts company for the Nissan truck brand. From there he purchased a 2006 Xterra and then a 2014 Frontier.  In 2015 Danny started sponsoring and co-driving with Team Xterra Racing and Adrenalin Motorsports Racing  in the famous Mint 400 and Vegas to Reno. Since then the racing bug had bitten and Danny is currently building his  06 Xterra to compete in the Best In The Desert class 7100 Off Road racing Circuit. Danny is and always will be a kid at hart and brings a fun and carefree attitude to the podcast.